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Can I use NoteCaddy with HM1?

Modified on 2013/03/23 01:20 by Administrator Categorized as Uncategorized
You can use NoteCaddy with HM1 if you meet one of the two following criteria:

  • You bought NoteCaddy as a standalone application before November 1st 2011 from NoteCaddy.com or Assaultware.com and own a license for HM1
  • You own licenses to HM1, HM2, and notecaddy the HM-App then you can use the standalone version of NoteCaddy. HM2 is required, no exceptions!

Download the standalone version from http://www.notecaddy.com/NoteCaddy2.Setup.msi

If you purchased NC from holdemmanager.com, you would enter your HM2 license as the NC license. It starts with HM2-...... If you purchased NC from assaultware, you can just enter the license you got when you purchased originally

It is not recommended to use NoteCaddy with HM1. There are several key features missing
  • CaddySpark
  • CaddyScatter
  • Notes in popups
  • Badges

This makes NoteCaddy much less valuable. It is highly recommended that you use it with HM2 if at all possible

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