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NoteCaddy 2.4 got a new action filtering screen that is designed to be easier and more powerful. In this screen you create a sequence of actions that either had to happen or had to not happen. With this, you can create stats for just about anything relating to actions and bet sizes. A sequence is a series of actions. You can define multiple sequences, only one of which needs to be true. So if you want to make a definition where someone 3 bets or 4 bets then you would make a sequence for each.

IMPORTANT: Checks and calls are ignored by default but bets and raises aren't

What this means is that if you make a definition where someone open raises, it will also count if there are limpers. If you want to explicitly exclude limpers, then you need to make a limping action and select the option "action had to NOT happen". If you just make a filter for a raise and there was a raise ahead, then it doesn't count. There are a number of examples that cover every aspect of action filtering.

Video of a definition being made using action sequences

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