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Note definitions that use "opportunity by range" are not allowed to be used during live play on PokerStars and full tilt poker. Please see new PokerStars software rules. Please email any questions to support@pokerstars.com

In the general tab of the editor for any definition, there is a section that refers to "Missed Opportunities". Opportunities allow you to use a note as a stat where you get a percentage of "successes". Using one of these options allows you to make stats that you can then add to your HUD. Each works very different so it is important to understand what they do.

Opportunity by Action

When a note definition is created using action sequences, it is possible to select "define opportunities by action" on the General tab. This will essentially create a stat that can be used in your HM2 hud, popups, etc. The simplest example of an opportunity by action stat would be the VPIP stat. For this stat, a success would be where a player calls or raises and a missed opportunity would be a fold.

Stats are just percentages that are defined as {action happened}/{action happened} + {last action failed to happen} or x/(x+y) where x means that all the actions in the sequence were successful and y means all were successful except the very last one. A scenario where Y is incremented is often referred to as a missed opportunity.

This means, for example, that if you made only an action sequence for pre flop with 3 actions:

raise by note recipient

3bet by other player

call by note recipient

The only way to get a missed opportunity here is if the final action defined doesn't happen. In this case it would be the note recipient folding or 4 betting the 3 bet. If the note recipient's initial raise put him all in then he could not possibly call the 3bet so it is neither a success nor an opportunity and this definition won't create any data for that hand. Also, if you define sequences for multiple streets, it is only the final action in the final sequence that can trigger an opportunity

Opportunity by Range

This is very different from opportunity by action. With this option, all actions had to be performed as defined in your sequences. You would only use this option if you are filtering by a player's range as well. The missed opportunity occurs when the player's range does not match the filters. An example would be if you want to know the percentage of time a player is holding AA when he 3 bets. You would define the action sequence for the 3 bet and then filter the hole cards only for AA. Each time he 3 bets cards that aren't AA, the stat is incremented as 0/1. When he does 3 bet AA it is incremented as 1/1. Therefore if someone 3 bets 10 times and only one was with AA, the stat value would appear as 1/10. Using the "opportunity by range" option should usually be used in conjunction with the filter pre flop->player had to show down.

Opportunity by SNGWizard (HM2 App only)

Using this option means that the hand will potentially be sent to the SNGWizard engine for analysis. Before it is, however, all other filters in the definition must be correct. For example, if you are making a definition for 3 bet shove and select this option, then any hand won't be sent to SNGWizard unless the 3 bet shove actually happened. It is highly recommended to use the filter "pre flop->player had to show down" with this as SNGWizard can't know if a play was correct or not unless it knows someone's hole cards. If SNGWizard says the play was correct then it is incremented as 1/1. If the play was incorrect then it is 0/1. There are times when SNGWizard cannot evaluate a hand for one reason or another, in which case it will be viewed as 0/0 and the note/stat will remain unchanged.

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