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How to make logs and send it to support

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With NoteCaddy/HM2 open, click file->settings. In the database settings, check the box that says "enable logging". Then do whatever it is that you were doing that gave you trouble. For example creating notes, color coding, synchronizing notes.

Once you have run this process for a few minutes or have seen the error, click help->submit system report

NoteCaddy will send the last 5 days worth of errors along with the logs just created securely for review. Logs are automatically deleted after 5 days

Making Player specific logs With NoteCaddy open, click file->settings. In the database settings, there is a box Log a specific player. please type the players screename exactly as it appears on the hand history files(case sensitive)

  • please note logging is auto disabled once you restart notecaddy (to improve performance). This means if you had logging enabled earlier it would have been disabled. IF you don't find any logs then this is the reason.

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