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Pending Tasks

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Pending tasks are used to make sure your data is accurate. There are a number of situations that will create pending tasks:

  • Creating a new note/color definition or importing a note/color definition.
  • Modifying an existing note/color definition
  • Setting active or inactive a note/color definition

Keep in mind that pending tasks are not created for composite definitions. The reason is that composite definitions are calculated in real time and therefore it isn't necessary to keep the data up to date. If you have pending tasks, you will notice it by looking on the start panel. Important: if you import a definition by copying the xml file to the notecaddy definitions folder directly, no pending task will be created and you will need to reset/recreate notes


If you are going to be creating/modifying a multiple definitions, it makes sense to complete all your modifications before running the pending tasks. The reason is because the tasks will be grouped together, if possible. For example, if you create several definitions, the task processor will analyze each hand in the database one time but create notes for both definitions. When you are ready to run the pending tasks, you will see a screen similar to this one:


You can see in this screen shot that for the definition "TwoBarrelsInPosition", there is a task for remove notes and one for create notes. The reason that there are two is because this was an existing definition and the notes it had created are now invalid and must therefore be removed before new ones are created. The definition "CheckRaiseVersusTAG" was newly created and therefore a pending task for note removal wouldn't make sense.

You can unselect tasks that you do not wish to run immediately. You can also delete tasks permanently although this is not recommended as they were created for a reason. If you click File->Reset notes, the pending tasks that apply to note definitions will disappear. The reason for this is that by removing all notes, the data is considered up to date and if you recreate notes, it will create them for all definitions and therefore it isn't necessary to have pending tasks anymore.

Clicking proceed on the bottom right will start the task processor as shown in the below image


No more user interaction is required. NoteCaddy should not be closed while pending tasks are running as it will not know where it left off. If you do need to close NoteCaddy while pending tasks are running, it is recommended that you reset and recreate notes next time you open it. Another thing to know is that if you have 1,000,000 hands in your database but the main note taking process has only processed 500,000 of them, then the task processor will only look up to hand 500,000 and the main note processor should be run afterwards as it will then include the definitions that were applicable to the pending tasks.

It is recommended that your database be fully processed or completely reset when doing work that will create pending tasks. Otherwise there are too many scenarios that can happen that will cause incomplete data (e.g. closing NC with the task processor running)

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