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There is a large amount of information contained within default NoteCaddy notes.

This article goes from left to right and explains each part.

  • F This means Flop. By default, each definition will have a prefix PF, F, T, R - this prefix identifies which street the note best pertains to.

  • misses cbet in position This is the text of the note. It is intended to give you a concise description of the behavior.

  • {Ace High/Two Overs, Pocket Pair Under High Card} - This is an enumeration of values generated by the $flophandrange variable. By default HM2 will stop displaying these values once a maximum threshold (default 5) is reached. The reason for this is because too many values makes notes uncluttered and unreadable. This is configurable by going to file->settings->HUD and increasing "maximum enumerated values to show in a note". If you see a number like -2 or -3 at the end of a listed item, it means the player showed this hand down twice or three times, respectively. For Omaha notes, there may also be a /x at the end of the hand where the x indicates how many straight outs the player had. In Omaha, straight draws are much more prevalent than in Holdem which is why that is added.

  • 2/2 100% This means it happened twice (hence two enumerated values) and could have only happened twice. This part of the note turns it into a stat essentially. The meaning here is that this player misses cbets in position 100% of the time he can but he has only had two chances.

  • +0.8bb This option is turned off by default. You can turn it on by selecting file->settings->note settings "show net profit in notes". This shows how much money a player has won or lost in the hands where notes were taken.

  • +203% Means this player commits this action +203% (or 2.03 times) more often than all players on average. If the average is 12%, this player succeeds with this note 2.03 * 12% = 24.36 %. The deviation is 24.36% - 12% = 12.36%

By default the color of the note is black. If the deviation is greater than +20% it turns the note red, If the deviation less than -20%, it turns the note green.

If you change the font color for the note in the "HUD Options" tab in the definition editor, the color will remain whatever you selected it. You can customize how many times a note had to have been taken before this deviation is calculated in file->settings->HUD "minimum amount of note samples before the deviation is calculated". The deviation threshold can be changed in the Advanced tab of the definition editor.

  • The spark graph is explained in detail via it's own article.

  • The play button opens all the hands where this note was taken for a player.

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