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The thing that causes the most confusion with the NoteCaddy HM2 app is when someone hovers over the note icon and doesn't see a note there that they are expecting to see. By default, the main note popup is configured to show only 10 notes. While this can be configured to show more notes via file->settings->HUD->maximum amount of notes in the note hud popup, it is not recommended to show too many there. It is strongly recommended that you take a more tactical approach in organizing your data as described in Grouping, sorting, and organizing notes. The 10 that show up are dictated by how your sort settings are configured. This is also described in the aforementioned article. By default, the 10 that show up are where the player differs mostly from the "average" player. For example, if someone folds to continuation bet 5% of the time and the average is 90% for the players in your database, then this player would be very different in this regard and, provided you have a note for this behavior, would appear as one of the top 10.

The second biggest cause of problems is when users do not have the note icon showing in their HEM HUD options. It is turned on via HUD Options->Config Properties->show note icon

If you created your own definition, hopefully you followed this guide and your notes should show up without any issue. If you haven't followed the guide then you can't be sure that your definition works so you can't have any idea why there would be no notes. This guide assumes that you did follow the best practices guide and that you ran hands in the test environment and used seek, etc.

Analyzing a Definition that Produces no Notes

You always see all the definitions on the right when NoteCaddy is open. Right click the definition you're looking at and click "analyze". Depending on the size of your database, it might take some time to open. On the other hand, if there are no notes for this definition, then you will quickly get an error stating that there are no notes. If you get the error, skip to section "No Notes in the database". If there's no error, look at the "recipients" tab. In this tab, you will see a list of all the players who have this note in the Database. Just because someone has a note in the database doesn't mean they will have the note appearing for them in the HUD/popup/etc. There are things like minimum instances, showdowns, etc that can prevent it from appearing. If a player should have the note appearing it will say SUCCESS and should appear in a player's notes. One thing to keep in mind is that if you hover the mouse over the "N" icon in the HM2 HUD, there is a limited amount of notes that will appear there (default 10) and if this note isn't higher priority than the 10 that appear there, it won't appear. The maximum amount of notes in the popup is configured in file->settings->HUD. The way notes are prioritized is set in file->settings->note settings->sorting. If the note should appear but doesn't in either the HUD or a popup, please go to section "Logging the Retrieval of a Note"

No Notes in the Database

If analyze didn't show any notes, then there are no notes in the database. The first thing you should try is to click file->reset notes and then go to the "start" panel and click "create notes for unprocessed hands based on active definitions". Once this process is complete, try analyze again. If that still shows no notes, then you should check file->filters. Usually a filter is set preventing the right types of hands from being processed. If you are sure filters are not the issue then open the note definition by double clicking it. On the "general" tab there is a check box on the bottom called "log definition progress". Check this box then save the definition (file->save) and repeat the file->reset notes and create notes... process. Once that has finished (it will take longer now), close NC/HM2.

Finding the log file

NoteCaddy Standalone

Now navigate to your C:\program files (x86)\NoteCaddy 2 folder. You should see a file "NoteCaddy log.txt".


Now navigate to C:\Users\{YourWindowsLogin}\AppData\Roaming\Holdem Manager folder and find the files NoteCaddy log.txt

Open this log file and have a look at it. It should be filled with lines that look like this:

7:05:52 PM Definition: !FvsHalfPotCB Player: SretiCentV hand#: 54001614067 output: Player had to have acted on the flop

If you see this, you know that hands are being processed and that the definition is being looked at. If you're not seeing it then there have to be filters blocking the hands from being looked at or possibly the definition is set to inactive. Otherwise, you also get reasons for every player for every hand why the note wasn't taken. You should also hopefully see some lines that look like this:

7:05:55 PM Note: FFvsHalfPotCB(1/1) attempted to add for player: SretiCentV success: True

That means the player should have gotten the note.

Logging the Retrieval of a Note

The most common reason for a note not to appear is because the note exists for one game type and you have a table/replayer open for another. If a player got a note in a 6 max game and you are playing 9 max, then that note won't appear. The recipients tab in analyze will tell you what game size the note is valid for so please keep that in mind. If you are certain that the note should appear for a player/game size and it doesn't, please use the log subscribed as shown in this youtube video. You will get a description of why the note doesn't appear for a player. Before submitting the log subscriber contents, please ensure that the player you are looking at is included and please specify which player it is in the email. If not caused by the game size, it is almost always caused by licensing issues.

A player (or all players) have no notes or are missing a single note

If you are having an issue where no badges are appearing, the first thing to check is that your active HUD configuration is set up to show badges. This is explained in detail in the article NoteCaddy Badges. If notes are missing for a single player or multiple players, click tools->player notes. If notes do appear there, go to section "logging the retrieval of a note". If they do not, you will need to log the note creation for a single player. Go to file->settings->database settings and enter the player's name where it says "log a specific player". It is best if you copy paste this because the name needs to be exact including capitalization. That means if you enter a name like "bob" it won't log the player "BOB" so be very careful.

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