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Things that look like bugs but are not

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A player's bet size was registered as a small bet but was actually a pot size bet!

NoteCaddy measures bet sizes by effective stack. If a pot is 100 and player 1 who has 500 chips makes a bet of 100, it appears to be a pot size bet. This is true most of the time but not all of the time. If the only other player left in the pot only has 10 chips left, then the bet is only looked at like a bet of 10 chips.

My enumerated values are not showing for players with a large hand sample

In order to avoid clutter, NoteCaddy hides enumerated values once they hit a certain threshold. This is to avoid clutter. The idea is that the points in the spark graph will give you a faster read than looking at a paragraph of text. This is configurable via file->settings->HUD maximum enumerated values. Hovering over the note itself will also show a tool tip that reveals the rest of the enumeration.

A player's cards are known but do not appear in the note

This is because the player didn't show down. If someone doesn't showdown then the range doesn't count. We know someone's cards without showdown if he is the hero. Nobody else saw his cards though so putting them in a note would be misleading. Also, if a player shows his cards after everyone else folded, it also doesn't count. People show very biased ranges when it's their option so in order to prevent manipulation of perceptions, NoteCaddy ignores these. This behavior can be overridden on a per definition basis via the pre flop->general tab by checking "allow non shown down hands to count for ranges"

Caddy report does not show new notes when manually running it by clicking button "Create notes for unprocessed hands based on active definitions".

This is by design. For memory reasons it can only show 100 notes and that amount is created in maybe 2 seconds so not really useful

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