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Preloading notes for Rush and Zoom players

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If you are generating badges based on color definitions and playing zoom/rush it is very strongly recommended that you not use hm2 stats. They do not load quickly enough and HM2 gives NC only a small fraction of a second to collect all data for each hand. This is ok in regular games but in zoom/rush you get new opponents each hand. Therefore your badges will not appear consistently. You can make a NC stat to replace any HM2 stat in a few minutes. Then read the rest of this article...

When you are playing in a Rush or Zoom game, you face many different players over a short time span. By default, NoteCaddy loads player notes in a queue (one player at a time). This is to reduce performance impacts on HM2. On normal tables, this can lead to an initial delay of 1 or 2 hands which is generally considered to be acceptable. Once a player is loaded into memory, new notes are added with no delay. However, playing Rush/Zoom tables, the queue can grow very long quickly and lead to unacceptable delays. In order to provide a good user experience, a feature was added to prevent this. If you click file->preload all player notes, the notes of every player in your database will be loaded into memory. This means all players, not just Zoom and Rush players. This will cause your delay in any game type to not exist. Players who play games with small edges may do this to avoid any delay even if their game is not Rush or Zoom. As new hands are processed, the notes are added directly into memory as always. The only downside is that for users with a large amount of hands and a small amount of memory, this will cause performance issues. Each user should monitor their windows task manager to ensure that an acceptable amount of memory is being used. If no activity is detected for 10 minutes, then the memory will be flushed. This amount of minutes (default 10) can be configured via file->settings->databse settings->cached note timeout. The memory will also be flushed when HM2 is closed. Therefore you should run this process before each session even if you left HM2 open.

It is highly recommended that all Zoom/Rush players preload data by clicking file->preload all player notes prior to their sessions

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